Powell Valley Healthcare’s obstetrics (OB) department is the best place to have your baby. From our expert staff to our comfortable birthing suites, discover all the reasons why moms and dads from all around the Basin put their trust in us.

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A compassionate and experienced staff

Nearly 200 babies are born here every year thanks to our experienced staff. Our skilled team of OB providers and specially trained nurses are truly committed to providing the highest standard of care for mothers and babies.

Our team is made up of two board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists, which allows us to treat higher-risk obstetrical patients. We also have a board-certified family practitioner with a subspecialty in obstetrics, along with certified nurse midwifes and multiple lactation counselors on staff.

We care about your birth plan

Bring your birthing plan to us. From whom you want in the room to how your baby is delivered; we’ll do everything we can to support your needs and give you the unique birthing experience you desire.

Our skilled team of OB providers and specially trained nurses can provide the following birthing options:

  • Vaginal births. Our team aims to make you as comfortable as possible. Our staff is specifically trained in labor positions, coping mechanisms, and support if you desire an unmedicated birth. If pain management is desired, we offer epidural blocks or intrathecal narcotics.
  • VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section). We are the only hospital in the Big Horn Basin to offer vaginal deliveries after moms have had a C-section for a prior delivery. This may give you the option to experience a vaginal delivery, should you desire that.
  • Water births. Our specialized birthing tub provides the option for water birth. Our certified nurse midwife can assist you with this special birthing method.
  • C-sections. Our experienced staff performs C-sections safely, with a focus on excellent outcomes for both baby and mom.

Comfortable birthing suites and special services

We offer private, comfortable labor suites for moms and families. Each room comes with a private shower and our largest suite contains a private Jacuzzi tub. Rooms are outfitted with a recliner chair and can accommodate a support person overnight. Because we do rooming-in, your baby gets to stay in the room with you the entire time. This allows for more family bonding and coordinated rest.

Four of our suites are outfitted as LDRP suites, meaning they’re able to accommodate labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care. This ensures you don’t have to switch rooms during your stay with us.

Other special services:
  • A complimentary newborn photo shoot can be completed before discharge. All picture proofs will be emailed directly to the family free of charge.
  • If desired, we will direct your birth announcement and picture of your baby to the Powell Tribune and other newspapers of your choice. We will also place your baby’s picture on our website, if you desire.
  • We provide an informational packet to take home, “Help for Caring for the Newborn from A to Z.”

Breastfeeding education and new parent classes

We are the only officially designated Baby-Friendly Hospital in Wyoming. That means that we work hard to better educate moms on the benefits of breastfeeding and help them gain the skills necessary to breastfeed. Moms who want more help can get instruction from one of our lactation counselors.

We also offer prenatal classes, refresher classes and sibling classes. Take a look at our calendar for more information on class schedules.

Expecting? Schedule a Tour!

If you’re expecting—or just thinking about having a baby in the near future—we invite you to visit us and take a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Give us a call at 307.754.2267 to schedule.

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