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PVHC oncology and women’s health providers offering free clinical breast exams in October.

If you are a woman, age 40 or older, and don’t have a primary care doctor or health care provider,…read more

Campeau Receives Healthcare Leadership Award

PVHC’s Chief Nursing Officer, Arleen Campeau, was recently recognized for her efforts to make healthcare safer for everyone.  At its…read more

Patti Kinkade

Clark, Wyoming

In Patti’s Words

“October is breast cancer awareness month.  I got in on PVHC’S free clinical breast exams offered last October.  Ashley Engesser encouraged me to get a mammogram, so I scheduled one.  The doctor in Billings who did the procedure told me I needed a biopsy.  He called me the day before Thanksgiving and told me I have breast cancer.  From there I followed up with Dr. Collins.  I decided to have a double mastectomy.  When the pathologist contacted me following this, he identified that the cancer had become more aggressive and was apparent in my bloodwork and that I would most likely need chemotherapy.  Dr. Collins placed me on a chemotherapy regimen, that I will complete at the end of May.

I had been retired for 2 and a half years.  What a blessing that I went back to work at PVHC.  My connection with the staff and the opportunity for the free breast exam was a lifesaving blessing.  The people here that I work with, Cathy and Rachel in Infusion, and Dr. Collins and her team are amazing.  I am so thankful for all of them.”

Rod Garvin

Powell, Wyoming

In Rod’s Words

“Brittany, and the SPEAK OUT! program, has made communicating functional and fun again! I’m no longer repeating myself constantly, I’m not getting frustrated as often when communicating, and I’m more social!” 

Trudy Cozzens

Powell, Wyoming

In Trudy’s words…

“My doctor told me about the pulmonary rehabilitation program at PVHC.  He sent me there and it is the best thing I could have ever done.  I experienced severe issues from covid back in February 2022, even with being vaccinated for it.  I thought I would always be on oxygen.  When I first started my rehabilitation at PVHC, my oxygen saturation was terrible.  It was at 81 to 82 percent.  After completing the program my oxygen saturation is now 93 to 94 percent.  When I saw my oxygen results at the end of the program, I wanted to cry I was so happy.  I know I wouldn’t be here where I am today without this program.  I would recommend it to anyone having breathing issues.  My doctor didn’t think it was possible, but I reached my goal.  I wanted to get better and not be on oxygen.  My lungs are clear now and I don’t need oxygen.

I will continue working to care for my pulmonary health.  Cyndy gave me so much good information to help me.  She gave me exercises I can do at home plus an exit plan for places to go to get involved in other exercise programs.  Cyndy has so much helpful information to give to patients struggling with lung issues.”

Dave Johnson

Powell, Wyoming

In Dave’s Words…

“In late March, I could not breathe.  I went to the ER in the Powell Hospital and was immediately taken care of.  Dr. Olejnik and several nurses were administering IVs and tests for other possible problems.  On the advice of the ER doctor, I was admitted to the hospital.  Dr. Aida Polson was my doctor the whole time I was there, which was 4 days.  She checked on me several times during the day and prescribed very effective antibiotics and other medicines to correct my illness.

During my 4-day stay I got acquainted with several nurses; including Robin, Tilly, Sammi, Pat, Melissa, and others that I am unable to recall their names right now.  I was amazed at how kind, helpful, considerate, and professional each of the nurses were.  They were always asking me if they could get anything for me, do anything for me, if I was warm enough, and if I needed anything.  Each nurse was very professional in taking my vitals in a timely manner, and making sure all vitals were in order.

On one occasion, during my hospital stay, I was sitting on the couch in the waiting area around 3:00 in the morning.  Sammi walked by on her way to see another patient and she stopped and asked me if I would like a snack.  She gave me several options, and I chose ice cream.  A couple days later, Sammi came into my room and offered me and my wife some ice cream.  The nursing staff is so sweet, kind, caring, and professional, which made my hospital stay a wonderful experience.

The food from the kitchen was very, very good.  From scrambled eggs and bacon to hot roast beef and salmon with all the trimmings.  The delivery of food to my room was done in a very timely manner.

Dr. Aida Polson ordered a heart stress test with Dr. Kelly, and a PET scan in Billings, as well as a pulmonary test with Paige in cardiopulmonary, who was very kind and professional.  Dr. Polson determined that I needed outpatient care of antibiotics for a complete cure.

The treatment I received from everyone was marvelous.  It was a wonderful experience, and should I need medical care again, it will be in the Powell Hospital.”

Richard Heller

San Angelo, Texas

In Richard’s Words…

“I was in very good care there at the hospital.  The best care I’ve ever had, and I’ve had 12 major surgeries, all over the country.  I told the doc there, Dr. Childers, that if I ever had to recommend a hospital to anybody else, with 10 being best, I’d give it two 10s. 

The girls were very concerned for my safety.  If I ever tried to get up on my own, they’d be right there.  It was fantastic.  They also treated my wife and daughter like they were queens.  My family was taken care of very well.   I would recommend the hospital to anybody. 

I really appreciate the great care I received.  It couldn’t have been better.  Everything worked out great.”

Sarah Moncur

Lovell, WY
Patient Stories

In Sarah’s Words…

“I appreciated that I could trust that you had my best interests at heart. I could trust in the decisions you made because I had developed a relationship with you. I could trust that if forceps or a vacuum or even if a c-section had been the route taken, it would be because it was necessary, and all other options had been tried.

I want you to know how grateful I am for you and the nurses who took care of me and for the calls and decisions you made when I didn’t know what to do. I think I can say, this was my easiest delivery and it wasn’t that easy. Thank you for pushing through it with me and for being there for me and my family. I look forward to seeing you again at my 2 week & 6 week checkups.”

Becky Croft (her daughter, Kaylee, pictured with Kinsey)

Powell, Wyoming

In Becky’s Words…

 “We are so happy to have found Kinsey Baxter with Powell Valley Healthcare. Currently, she is providing occupational therapy for our daughter, Kaylee, to assist with her sensory needs. Since working with Kinsey, we have seen so much growth in our daughter. Everyday tasks, such as getting dressed can turn into very stressful events for us. Our daughter is now wearing long sleeved shirts. This may seem like a minor activity; however, in the past, this was not a possibility.

Our daughter loves going to see Kinsey; she is so amazing with kids. Kinsey’s professionalism, guidance and knowledge are only a few of the reasons that I would highly recommend Kinsey Baxter to any family looking for support with occupational therapy.”