PVHC’s Chief Nursing Officer, Arleen Campeau, was recently recognized for her efforts to make healthcare safer for everyone.  At its 2023 annual meeting on August 30 & 31, the Wyoming Hospital Association presented Arleen with its inaugural Healthcare Leadership Award, along with 3 other Wyoming nurses – Tracy Garcia (Chief Nursing Officer at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center), Keith Ungrund, (Chief Nursing Officer at Cody Regional Health), and Nicole Rooney (Chief Nursing Officer at Ivinson Memorial Hospital). “Over the course of 12 months, this group worked to draft legislative language, engage with policy makers, and provided testimony of their real-life experiences with violence in the workplace,” the WHA release said.  “These four nurses demonstrated courage and poise while advocating for the passage of legislation which would enhance criminal penalties for violence committed against healthcare workers,” said the WHA.

Arleen is passionate about safety in the workplace and ensuring that all healthcare workers are free to care for patients in a safe, healing environment without fear of experiencing violence toward them.  Congratulations to Arleen and the other Wyoming nurses for the Healthcare Leadership Award and for their efforts to make healthcare safer for everyone.