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Virtual Care at Powell Valley Healthcare

Powell Valley Clinic Virtual Care

Powell Valley Healthcare has recently added a Virtual Platform to give you the opportunity to receive care online for certain minor medical issues. The Virtual platform also offers you the ability to continue your relationship with your primary and specialty care providers. We are working to improve our online options for patients and continue to learn along with you as we expand our offerings.

Currently we are offering virtual visits for our Mental Health Services, Family Practice and some Specialty Care services.

If you would like to take advantage of Virtual Care opportunities and schedule an appointment, please call the Clinic at 754-7257.

We are working to improve our online options for patients and continue to learn along with you and expand our offerings. Resources and toolkits can be found below to help with using the Otto Health platform. Please review the information prior to your scheduled visit or call if you need additional assistance.

Virtual Services

The following scenarios might be best served with a virtual visit with a provider.

Mild to Moderate COVID-19 Symptoms

Virtual care may be an option for patients who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing non emergent symptoms. Patients experiencing the respiratory symptoms of fever, cough and/or shortness of breath can call the Powell Valley Healthcare COVID Hotline at 754-1242 and a trained nursing professional will guide you to the appropriate level of care.

Primary and Specialty Care

We would like to continue your relationships with your established providers. If you have an appointment scheduled, your provider might request a Virtual visit to replace an in-person appointment.

Some types of the appointments that may be appropriate for Virtual Care include:

  • Medication refills and Medication follow up
  • Mental health
  • Hospital/ER follow-ups that do not require a hands on exam
  • Medicare annual review of medical problems
  • Sleep study follow-ups and CPAP compliance
  • Review of imaging, lab, and other studies

If you would like to request a virtual visit or schedule an appointment with a provider, please call the clinic at 754-7257

Other resources


How to join by phone via text link

You will receive a text to the phone number provided with a link for instructions about your virtual visit. The instruction guide walks you through resources, allows you to test your device and lists some frequently asked questions with answers. There will also be a separate link specifically for accessing your scheduled virtual visit.

How to join by computer via email link

You will receive an email to the address provided with instructions and a link to your virtual visit. You will have access to additional resources allowing you to test your device and some frequently asked questions with answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see/hear myself or my provider?

Device or browser may need to be updated, or adjust privacy settings. Try the test my visit link or contact clinic for assist.

What type of connection do I need to have for virtual visit?

Strong wifi or 4G LTE Cellular connection, if you don’t have a strong connection, video/audio quality may be poor.

What devices/browsers are supported?

Google Chrome, Safari, & Firefox browsers. There is a link in the instructional text under FAQ providing more info.

How do I join and end a virtual visit?

Joining visit: look for confirmation or reminder email containing your secure link and click “JOIN VISIT”

Ending your visit: Click “END VISIT”

Why can’t I join my visit early?

You are allotted a specific amount of time prior to appointment to complete pre-visit requirements. If you join early don’t worry, your provider will bring you into the visit room.

Who do I contact for support?

Please call Powell Valley Clinic at 754-7257 for support as needed.