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Spine Clinic

Don't let back or neck pain prevent you from enjoying life

Spine Clinic Direct Line: 307-754-7709

Back, neck pain, and dysfunction of the spine and nerves can be debilitating and severely limit your ability to stay active and enjoy the things that you like to do.

Powell Valley Healthcare Spine Clinic understands that not every patient is at the point of requiring surgery. This is why we utilize all non-operative options prior to considering surgical intervention. Many patients simply want to understand the source of their pain, and would like a thorough diagnostic evaluation, along with education, regarding their diagnosis and treatment options. We take the time to make sure patients understand their options.

Navigating Spine surgery without assistance can be overwhelming. Many people have friends and family members with variable outcomes after surgery and it can be difficult to make sense of these differences. Dr. Devin and Bryan Tipton believe that total transparency in surgical outcomes is the patient’s right. Dr. Devin has been a leader in developing a national database to provide patients with transparency surrounding their surgical care.

Furthermore, over 85% of patients are completely satisfied with their outcome, exceeding the benchmark at elite medical centers. Lastly, we have made a significant effort to help patients achieve opioid independence following surgery. With our protocol we have had an unprecedented ability of helping patients reach this goal.

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2020 Spine Outcomes 2

Clint Devin, MD

Bryan Tipton, PA-C