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The phone number for all clinic providers is 754-7257 unless specified below.



Paul LaVeau, M.D.


Family Practice

Same Day Appointments and Walk-in

Mike Bohlman, M.D.

Amy Buck, PA-C

Kelly Christensen, M.D.

Sarah Durney, M.D.

Darlene Hauser, FNP

Lisa Jarvis, PA-C

Jana Keeler, PA-C

Valerie Lengfelder, M.D.

Mark Wurzel, M.D


Family Practice with Obstetrics

Nicole Comer, M.D.


General Surgery

Nathaniel Rieb, M.D.



Sharae Bischoff, APRN, CNM ~  754-7770



Jenkins Clarkson, M.D., PhD  ~  754-7770

James Lloyd, M.D.                    ~  754-7770


Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine

Gregory Clark, PA-C

William Jarvis, M.D.


Pain Management

Andy Baker, CRNA, NSPM Board Eligible  ~  754-7783

Amanda Bisby, DNP                                        - 754-7783

Adam Crawford, CRNA                                  - 754-7783

Ryan Shedd, CRNA, NSPM Board Eligible  ~  754-7783


Women's Health

Cathy Blanchard, WHNP-BC  ~  754-7770


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