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PVHC acquires new state of the art high-level disinfection system for ultrasound probes

Hospital news | Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Contact: Jim Cannon

There is new technology that is setting the standard of care for high-level disinfection for ultrasound probe equipment and Powell Valley Healthcare has acquired the latest technology in order to ensure the highest standard of patient care and safety. The Trophon EPR system, developed by Nanosonics, uses a specialized disinfection system containing a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. "We are very thankful for the Powell Medical Foundation and PVHC employees for funding this new equipment and for Michelle Hoyt, with infection prevention, for researching the equipment and advocating for it," said Dianna Gorsuch, director of imaging. Powell Valley Healthcare is now using two of the Trophon EPR systems – one in the imaging department and one in the women's health and obstetrics clinic. The initial cost for both systems was $17,400 and the Powell Medical Foundation and PVHC Employees provided funding for the two systems.

Clinical research has demonstrated that the Trophon EPR system is the only high-level disinfection system proven to kill high-risk, cancer-causing HPV (human papillomavirus). If you would like more information about this testing, please visit "This new probe disinfecting technology is so important to us and our patients, especially women needing transvaginal ultrasound procedures," said Dr. Jake Merrell, diagnostic radiologist. "The system is proven to kill the major types of HPV that cause cancer," said Merrell.

The primary reason this new disinfection equipment is so important is its ability to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between what are called semi-critical ultrasound procedures - or procedures involving intracavity and surface ultrasound where probes contact mucous membranes or skin that is not intact. The Trophon equipment is also effective for critical ultrasound procedures, where the probe may contact sterile tissue or blood. ​Both types of procedures include the use of a sterile sheath. Other reasons the new equipment is important is that it is safer for staff because it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals used for disinfecting and it is better for the environment as the hydrogen peroxide mix breaks down into by products of oxygen and water.

Powell Valley Healthcare provides a number of different ultrasound procedures including obstetrical, cardiac, abdominal, breast, vascular, renal, and pelvic, as well as others depending on the need for diagnostic examinations. Medical providers and ultrasound technologists administer around 200 ultrasound procedures in a given month, close to seven each day, at Powell Valley Healthcare. "The providers and staff of the Obstetrical and Women's Health Clinic strive to provide the best and safest care for our patients," said Dr. Jenkins Clarkson, OB/GYN. "The Trophon EPR system will add one more level of safety to our patients when we conduct ultrasound procedures. We appreciate the PVHC Radiology Department, the Foundation, and PVHC employees for providing this technology for our patients," Clarkson added. If you have questions about ultrasound or the Trophon EPR high-level disinfection system, please call PVHC Imaging at 307.754.1220.