Concussion Management with ImPACT

Concussion Management

Free baseline ImPACT testing.

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• Concussions are increasingly a more common problem in sports and have the potential for dangerous complications if not managed appropriately. Our sports concussion management program will help educate athletes, coaches, and parents on the prevention, recognition and treatment of concussions.

• Given the complexities of concussion management, it is important to manage concussions with a multi-disciplinary approach on a case by case basis using the most comprehensive exam and innovative neurocognitive tests available.

• ImPACT is a neuropsychological testing program that is an invaluable tool to help evaluate head injuries and help guide the management plan for a safe return to play following head injuries.

• We provide FREE ImPACT baseline testing for local athletes.  If you compete in football, wrestling or soccer, you especially want to complete the baseline ImPACT testing.


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