Patient testimonials


“This past year I was having a lot of pain with my right shoulder, to the point I couldn’t hardly stand it.  I saw Dr. Jarvis and he discovered that bone spurs were causing the pain and they needed to be removed.  I had surgery in March and I just want to say that Dr. Jarvis did a great job on my shoulder.  The pain in my shoulder was really bad and now that pain is gone.  I was thankful that the bone spurs had not yet damaged my rotator cuff.

Amber Kleiner, Nichole Gutierrez, and Adam Crawford did a great job of taking care of me before, during, and after my surgery.  Occupational Therapist, Bret Soloai, also did great helping me with therapy.  He got my shoulder moving again in just a couple weeks and I was good to go.

I’m happy to be back to my favorite hobby of playing guitar.  It was so nice that I didn’t have to go out of town for surgery.  I was in and out and back home.  I also appreciated my daughter and daughters in-law for cooking great meals for me after I had surgery.”                                        

                                                       Del Cannon, Powell, Wyoming


 Del Cannon April2018 Web

Cassies Revised April 2018 Web

Del pictured with Amber Kleiner and Nichole Gutierrez (top) and Dr. Jarvis (bottom)



"The first thing the Care Center did that I couldn’t do, is get Mom out of bed in the morning.  That was just amazing to me.  Staff encouraged Mom to participate in activities.  And even though she couldn’t remember that she had done something, Jan was really good about letting me know that she had participated.  Mom liked to do those things before she developed dementia. 

Someone always called when they had a question or concern.  Nothing ever went unnoticed.  Staff really payed attention to how Mom was doing.  She kept thinking that the people who were caring for her were people from her church back home.  She loved those people from church and that meant that she loved the people at the Care Center who were caring for her.  They were so patient when she called them by someone else’s name.  Overall, you can tell that the people care for the residents.  It is a hard job.  I’m very thankful that there are people who willingly and lovingly do the job. 

When she went to the dining room and didn’t want what they were serving, she could ask for something else and they would cater to her. The Care Center is always clean, bright and airy. 

The rose on her bed after Mom died got to me.  I so appreciated the respect, care and concern that was shown.  The little things the staff did meant so much.”

                                        Caroline Kost, Powell, Wyoming


 Kost Caroline April2018 Web

Caroline pictured with Powell Valley Care Center staff



“We started noticing problems with Mom’s memory when she was in her upper 70s.  She did fine for a while, but eventually it was just too much, and she and Rod moved to The Heartland.  They really liked it there, but with her dementia continuing to worsen; eventually they had to move to the dementia care unit at Powell Valley Care Center.  She later moved into a main wing in the care center.

Mom was always happy and had good things to say about her caregivers.  She always got great care and plenty of her favorite food, cookies.  When she was dying, I was amazed at what the staff did for all of us.  They always brought in refreshments for our family – fresh muffins, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.  They would ask if we needed anything.  Everyone was very caring.

I don’t think I can remember a single time that last week that someone wasn’t regularly checking on us    It was a great place to have her.  The care that Mom got was superb.  They always made sure she was comfortable.  Even the nurses and CNAs from the dementia care unit would stop in to check on Mom and all of us.  You could tell they really cared about Mom.

After Mom died, the staff beautifully prepared her for us to come and see her one last time.  The next day there was a rose on her bed.  They made a very tough time as easy as it could possibly be.  I don’t think they could have possibly helped more than they did.  More than anything, it was how they consistently did the little things, that meant so much.”

                                        Dr. Kelly Christensen, Powell, Wyoming


 Christensen March2018 Web

Dr. Kelly Christensen pictured with Powell Valley Care Center staff



“I went through a 2-year ordeal before having my knee replacement with Dr. Jarvis and Greg Clark.  After falling in October of 2014 and injuring my knee, the initial MRI showed a torn meniscus.  Even after the meniscus repair, I continued to suffer with pain in my knee cap but continued to work.  After 18 months and another surgery for a fractured patella, as well as continued physical therapy, I knew there was more to it than dealing with chronic arthritic pain. I contacted Dr. Jarvis’s office at PVHC.   I had worked with Greg Clark in the past and I saw them for a second opinion.

Dr. Jarvis didn’t hesitate to take my case after he looked at the X-ray of my knee and I appreciated that.  He knew exactly what needed to be done to resolve my knee problem. They did my knee replacement and I couldn’t be happier.   Today my knee is doing well and I can get around much better.  As far as my stay at your hospital, the hospital staff was fantastic.  I really enjoyed the small town feel that you get in Powell.  From the doctors to your housekeepers, everyone provided great care.  You’re not a number, you are a patient!

Everyone that I have come in contact with over here has been wonderful.”

                                   ~Bonnie Simmons, Cody, Wyoming


 Bonnie Simmons January2017 Website

Bonnie pictured with Greg Clark, PA-C



“When Taylor was in 5th grade, she had ankle surgery.  Fast forward 6 years later, and the same ankle began to have problems.  Swelling, extreme pain, missed days from school, and fear of what was wrong.  We started with a bone and joint specialist, X-rays and MRI.  Finally, we were referred to an ankle specialist.  After several ankle injections, and several weeks of physical therapy, we were referred to another specialist in Billings.  This specialist referred us to a rheumatoid specialist.  And lastly, we were referred to a pain management doctor.  By this time, Taylor was totally non-weight bearing, using crutches and a knee scooter.  No relief.  Three months.  Her pain was severe.  Hearing, “I just don’t know what’s going on with that ankle,” and “I see no orthopedic problems with your ankle,” was devastating to Taylor!  We felt we were being shuffled from doctor to doctor.

Had we known then what we know now, we would have started with Dr. Jarvis at Powell Valley Healthcare!  He didn’t send us off to another specialist.  After reviewing all her scans, and talking with her about her pain, he agreed to perform surgery and help her!  Taylor finally knew that this doctor believed her… something was really wrong!  It turns out there were problems from the initial surgery.  Dr. Jarvis repaired those issues, and completely restructured her ankle.  He has been supportive, and amazing at following up with her healing.

Thank you, Dr. Jarvis, for being willing to fix something so many other doctors wouldn’t touch!  You are amazing!”

                                ~Taylor and Amy Johnson, Powell, Wyoming


 Tjohnson Dec2016 Web

 Taylor Johnson pictured with Dr. William Jarvis



“The way the people treat us here at the care center is great.  The staff are just wonderful and always willing to help.  Anything you need, you just call and they get it for you.  I say this is a very caring place.

The food is good and the kitchen staff are wonderful.  I have food allergies and the staff know them and respect them.  If you don’t like what they have, they’ll fix you something else.  I usually like what they have.

My family was surprised that I was so willing to come to the care center.  I was very familiar with the place because I was a volunteer at the hospital.  You feel so safe here.

Another reason I was so comfortable with coming to the care center is Cindy’s dog, Shiloh.  I absolutely adore him.  I like him and he likes me.  I slip him a piece of my breakfast bacon every chance I get.  He’s such a good little dog.”

                                                 ~ Virginia Clark, Powell, Wyoming


Virginia Clark Testimonial Sept2016 Website

(l-r) Sabrina Mangold, Shiloh, Virginia Clark, Cindy Hunder, Samantha Delgado



“There are a lot of people who have problems with pain – I know.  I’ve had pain injections with Andy and Ryan in my lower back.  The injection in my facets helped for about a year.  My most recent injection in my sciatic area helped tremendously.  It just feels great and man did it help.  I can’t believe how good It feels to be without that pain. 

Ryan and Andy, I love them both.  They are great guys.  They know me and what I’m dealing with and I see no reason to go anywhere else.  I’m really thankful for Andy, Ryan, and Janet.  Me, Andy, and Janet all served in the military and we can relate well to each other.  I would recommend these guys to anyone suffering from pain.

                                           ~ Tony Sorensen, Cody, Wyoming


Sorensen July2016 Website

(l-r) Ryan Shedd, Janet Porn, Tony Sorensen, Andy Baker



“Last winter and early spring I did a stint with your pulmonary rehab team.  I appreciated how they showed me techniques on how to breath to get me back on track, but mostly I appreciated their constant encouragement and low key ‘you can do it’.  This was very beneficial to me.

Working with the different therapists and how they all have a little different style made for a good package.  It was always a pleasant atmosphere and they all seemed to know where they needed to get me to.  I appreciated that.

I would strongly recommend that people give your pulmonary rehab program a try.”

                                            ~ Carol Wagner, Cody, Wyoming


Wagner August2016 Website

Nick Taylor, Carol Wagner



"I am submitting this testimonial because I want people to know just how dedicated and caring the Pain Management Clinic is to their patients, so that perhaps others who are also suffering from chronic pain can receive the same excellent treatment that I did.  Ryan, Andy, and their nurse and office manager, Janet, have always made me feel that they truly cared about me as a person and what I was going through; and they were totally committed to helping me find relief from the years of chronic pain that I was experiencing. 

I was in the military for 24 years and over this time I had received numerous treatments from various doctors and pain clinics, but have never really found relief from the many procedures that were tried on me.  From my very first appointment with Ryan and Andy, I felt like they truly cared about me and finding relief from my pain.  Over the past year they have performed a number of procedures on me and I would love to report that I have significant pain relief, but I don’t.  Not because of any lack of effort on their part, but rather due to some fairly significant anatomy challenges I have in my back.  But what really convinced me of their concern for me was when it was apparent that I was running out of options for them to try on me – that Ryan, while attending a medical conference, presented my case to a number of leading pain management specialists in the country hoping that they could come up with another treatment that he and Andy have not tried yet.  Ryan didn't have to do this for me but this is the kind of professional caring people Ryan and Andy are.  After the conference, Ryan called me and told me not to lose hope yet because he wanted to try a couple more things on me and if these didn’t work that he would refer me to a neurosurgeon for help. 

I would like to report that because of Ryan and Andy I am now being referred to a neurosurgeon for evaluation and treatment.  With all the appointments I had I don’t believe I ever saw just one or the other.  Ryan and Andy always conversed together while I was in the room on what they believed should be the next step for me.  I have never received that kind of personal care from any health care provider before. 

Just a quick note, also, on how awesome Janet was.  Because of VA regulations, every appointment and every procedure had to be pre-approved through the VA before any care could be performed.  Janet took care of all the monotonous VA paper work which I know can be a big job, just so I didn’t have to do it myself.  She said she does this for all veterans as her way of showing her gratitude.  Janet is also a veteran herself.  I can honestly say that I love these folks for the help and care that I received from them.” 

                                            ~ Don Bisby, Cowley, Wyoming


Pain Management June2016 Website

(l-r) Ryan Shedd, Don Bisby, Andy Baker



“My mom, Peggy Cook, lived at Powell Valley Care Center for almost three years.  She loved it here.  She was very involved with the activities.  I had to make appointments to come and see her because she was busy.  She was involved with the food service committee in developing menus as well as the Chrysalis program.  She helped with developing the program.  In her last days she was in the Chrysalis room and was very comfortable.  The staff would sit with her and sing with her and give us time to have break.

When we would take her out of the care center, after a time, she would say “I think it’s time to go back to my apartment.” 

The staff was constantly looking to her needs before she needed anything.  If they ever saw any problems they would consult with us.  She loved the meal choices that were available.  We considered the facility as a 5 star hotel, not a nursing home.  I have family that live down south and the nursing homes there are nothing like this.

Overall, I didn’t worry at all and she never worried either.  She was very comfortable with the staff and adopted each of them.  She loved the recreation program and made a lot of friends here.  She really enjoyed the cooking classes. 

She spent a short time in the hospital and had a very good experience there as well.”

                                            ~ Debby Lynn, Powell, Wyoming


 Lynn June2016 Website

(l-r) Darina Fuller, Theresa Lamb, Debby Lynn, Casie Cox 



“It was great.  At every level it was great.  They did all of my insurance pre-approval work, and checking in was smooth and easy.  My pain management was perfect.  In fact, I had very little pain and never had to take any narcotic medication.  The technique that Dr. Jarvis uses is amazing.  The nurses were very attentive, and when I needed to sleep, they let me sleep.   All the teams - surgery, physical therapy, nursing, they all coordinated well so the impact was minimal and timely. 

Scott Bagnell was one of my first nurses and he was very caring.  All the nurses and CNA's were fantastic.  I had no complaints.  The medical surgical staff knew just how hard to push me to regain my strength, but knew when I should rest, too.  They always explained what they were doing before they did it.  I equated my time there in the hospital as being in a spa.  Everyone took such good care of me.  I’m getting ready to schedule my second total knee surgery.”

                                            ~ LeAnne Kindred, Powell, Wyoming


Kindred March2016 Web

LeAnne (center) is pictured with our surgery team (l-r) Tony Belmont, DeAnna Hale, Michelle Tucker, Stephen Katz, Amanda Marchant, Amber Kleiner. 



“PVHC is a wonderful place.  You go to some places where people look like they could bite a piece of steel in two.  When you come into the hospital, everyone is so friendly.  They smile and say hello.  Whether you call on the telephone or meet someone in person, you feel like they care about you and that they want to help.  The facility has a warm feeling to it.  It is so great that no matter who I seem to meet, they are wonderful and there is just a warmth that is there.”

                                             ~ Barb Varey, Powell, Wyoming


Barb Varey Feb2016 Web

     Kelly McMillen        Barb Varey     Stacie Armstrong       Jennifer Perry 



 "I’ve lived in Thermopolis for about thirteen years.  I’m very, very claustrophobic.  Ten years ago the doctor here in Thermop wanted me to do an MRI of my sinuses.  The MRI here has a small opening and I haven’t wanted to have an MRI ever since.

In 2013 I was walking down my stairs and I fell, landing hard on my backside.  Not too long after this incident I ended up needing an MRI on my shoulder.  I talked to my orthopedic doctor about my concerns with having an MRI and he checked around and referred me to Powell because of the large bore size of the MRI.

When I went to PVHC for my MRI, I was so impressed with the way everyone took care of me, and what really impressed me was the picture window in the back of the MRI.  For anyone who is claustrophobic, that natural light coming in the room is just wonderful.  That big window is the number one thing for me, it really helped.

I’ve had two MRI’s at PVHC and both experiences were wonderful.  Everyone was so nice, from the first person I met when coming in to the hospital, to the technician who completed my MRI.  I was treated so nicely."

                                              ~ Sue Jackson, Thermopolis, Wyoming


Mri Jan2016 Web

     Tom Asay  Stephanie Shoopman  Lauren Showalter   Russ LeMasters



“Nurses, CNAs and all Powell Valley Care Center Staff,

I just want to thank you all for taking such good care of my Mom, Dottie, for the past four years of her life. This center became her home and she was surrounded by fun, kind, wonderful, caring people.

I know there were some difficult periods of time with her, but no staff member ever blamed her and continued to show her nothing but kindness, support, and love. You all are “Saints” in disguise and I will be forever grateful for the compassion and the way you made her feel important and that she mattered until the end of her life. Bless you!"

                                                   ~ Sam Fulton, Powell, Wyoming


Fulton Jan2016 Web

Kathy Fowler   Shantel Stahl  Yvonne Atkinson  Erin Higgins  Shannon Tyra
                                         (holding Dottie's photo)



Thank you, Cayenne, for letting us share the experience you had with our team!  We're also happy to report that Cayenne is doing very well with her continued recovery at home!

“I fell, and when I was falling I grabbed the back of our truck.  When I landed, I knew my arm was broken and I could tell it was pretty bad.  My husband brought me to the ER.  What made my experience with Powell Valley Healthcare so great is the fact that when I got ...into the ER, the plan was to stabilize my arm and schedule the surgery early the next week, but when I told them my arm was numb they sent my X-ray to Dr. Jarvis and let him know about my arm being numb.  He determined that my nerve was being affected and that I needed to have surgery right away.  Dr. Jarvis explained everything clearly and didn’t dance around it, including the potential risk of my arm being paralyzed.  The surgery went very well.  He did a great job and I have full function of my arm and hand.

The staff were all very nice and put up with me.  I was really grumpy.  Dr. Jarvis even recognized me from when I had come in with my sister when she had surgery.  He said, ‘I know you.’  It was nice to know I wasn’t just another person to him.  He knew me and took the time to talk to me and treated me like a human being.  The nurses in the hospital were really nice to get everything set up so that my husband could stay with me.  I also appreciated that Dr. Jarvis kept me in the hospital over night because I didn’t come out of recovery feeling very well.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to function too good at home.

Dr. Jarvis and both of the nurses in the hospital made sure my pain was tolerable and they did well with me being needy.  In the ER, Pete was really helpful and Scott recognized me right off the bat.  He had gone to nursing school with my mom and so he knew me.  They even asked if I would like them to try and save my Northwest College hoodie.  I told them they were going to have to cut it off and that I could always walk down the street and get another one.  Everyone was very friendly and tried to lighten the mood.”

~ Cayenne Foote, Powell, Wyoming


Cayenne Testimonial Nov2015 Web

      Justy Honomichl                          Cayenne                    Nikki Marchant



(Cookie works here at PVHC in Housekeeping)

We are very glad Cookie is doing well and getting closer to a full recovery! Thank you, Cookie, for sharing this testimonial!

“I had knee replacement surgery and a couple days after going home from the hospital I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve never been to an ER before and I really didn’t want to go to the ER. I was going to wait until Monday to see a doctor. My whole body hurt and I was short of breath. I felt hot. My family and I decided I should go in and not wait until Monday.

Joneen was the first nurse to take care of me in the ER. Her and Dana took my vitals and gave me oxygen right away. Dr. Coulson came in and checked me over. They all explained what they were doing and helped me to know what to expect. Jael came in and took me in for a CT. She explained everything to me.

My experience in the ER was incredible. They were great and took good care of me. It was awesome the way they worked together and explained everything. They made me feel comfortable. I was very worried but they helped me relax. They diagnosed that I had a blood clot in my lung very quickly. Even though I didn’t want to go to the ER, I’m glad that I did and I would go back anytime if I need to.

On the med/surg floor, not only were they great to me, but I saw the nurses and CNAs treat their patients with respect and care. They constantly checked on me to make sure I was okay.

I truly want to thank all the staff at PVHC and let them know how much I appreciate all their care and hard work in taking care of me. They saved my life, really.”

                                                           ~ Mary “Cookie” Maldonado


 Mary Maldonado Nov2015 Web

 Jael Fisher, RT           Mary "Cookie" Maldonado          Joneen Costigan, RN



“I moved back to Powell after forty plus years in Chicago, back to my home town. It has been a phenomenal move for me. I have a couple acres on the family farm.

I recently injured my leg jumping across a ditch to pick up some cardboard that had blown in the wind. I felt something pop in my calf. Like any typical injury I tried to walk it off, but it didn’t get better. I was a little concerned because I’m diabetic.

My cousin, Dale Ann Meeker, had recently had surgery with Dr. Jarvis. She recommended that I go see him. Others had recom­mended him as well. So I went to see Dr. Jarvis. He ordered an ultrasound to make sure there wasn’t a blood clot. He and physical therapist, John Asher, examined my leg. After this examination they were concerned about how my leg was looking and sent me to the ER for evaluation. There I started on antibiotics. I had a follow-up visit with Greg Clark shortly after and at that time he started me on antibiotic infusion therapy in the hospital.

The concern for my health was very deep. In the hospital, the nursing care was phenomenal. They really watched over me. Dr. Jarvis came by, and Dr. North, and Greg. Everyone was very caring and on top of things.

This is a well-run hospital where everyone cares about what they are doing. I don’t know that you could get any better care anywhere.”

                                                       ~ Terry Waln, Powell, Wyoming


 Terry Waln Sept 2015 Edited 1

Samantha Maraviov, RN; Robin Soberberg, RN; Terry, Jade Garcia, NWC student nurse



“We moved here from the Atlanta area and after doing research on care facilities for my mother, Luella, we came to Powell Valley Care Center.  My family still talks about how incredibly different and better this facility is compared to other facilities they have been involved with.  If I were to ever need long-term care I would go to this care center joyfully tomorrow.

The most impactful thing was the great care my mother received for more than 10 years.  The care was so much more than what I expected.  Everyone that I ever saw regardless of what their job was, even if they swept or mopped the floor, they always stopped and spoke to the residents.  This is above and beyond what I’ve seen at other places.

The nurses and CNAs all seemed to come up with creative ways to keep my mother from getting up and falling out of bed.  They always did the best they could to keep her safe and comfortable in a loving, caring manner.

When it came to the food, my mother never complained to me and I ate with her many times over the years and I never had a bad meal ever.  It was amazing how they made the food so tasty with all the special restrictions on diets.  And the fact that they always gave the residents two or three or more choices was unusual compared to other facilities.

I never had any complaints about my mother’s care whatsoever.  The staff are amazing human beings who always showed they care and they continue to show they care about me.  That goes way above and beyond their job descriptions.” 

                                                    ~ Harriet Jackson, Byron, Wyoming


 Harriet Jackson September2015 Web

     Shannon Tyra, RN                Harriet                      Sabrina Oliver, RN



“From pre-op to post-op, everything was great.  Everyone in the OR and all the nurses were great, everybody.  This has been a most enjoyable experience.  It’s a real good team effort here.  I was really anxious about how surgery was going to go, but everything was wonderful, the best experience I’ve had.  Everything was really good.

I receive all my VA health service in Powell and I really like Powell Valley Healthcare.  From stem to stern, you ran a pretty good ship.  I expect to have my other knee done and eventually my shoulder.  I hope to have both done at Powell Valley.”

                                                       ~ Allan Sinclair, Cody, Wyoming

                                           Mr. Sinclair had a total left knee replacement.

 Allan Sinclair April 15 2015 Web

Mr. Sinclair pictured with Tawni Green, CNA; Michelle Wagers, RN; and Renee Phipps, CST



 “I was dealing with pain in my knee for about a year.  The pain kept getting worse and it started aching and made it hard for me to sleep.  I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to compete in track and field this past season.  Dr. Jarvis did an arthroscopic procedure about three weeks before the track season started and removed a small cyst that was pushing against my IT band causing friction and lateral knee pain.  I noticed improvement with my knee right away once my flexibility got better.

I was kind of nervous about going into surgery but the staff was confident and assured me that everything was going to go well.

I started physical rehab shortly after surgery, about a week.  I worked with physical therapy and the athletic trainer to get prepared for track season.  Liz made me not feel sorry for myself.  She was always positive and had good things to say.  It felt really good getting back on the runway for my jumping events.  Liz also helped me work through pain from the surgical incisions.

There is no way it would even have been possible for me to compete, especially in the triple jump, had it not been for the surgery!”

                                 ~ Anissa Warner, Powell High School
                                     Athlete and State Champion Triple Jumper

Anissa broke the PHS record in both high jump and long jump and won regionals and state in the triple jump in 2015

 Anissa Warner Or Liz July2015 Edited 1

Anissa pictured with OR staff (Sheena VanAsh, RN; Lindsey Loyning, RN, OR Director; Renee Phipps, CST) and Liz Flom, ATC - Athletic Trainer



"I had a tear in my knee and some arthritis and I was having a lot of pain with it.  Dr. Jarvis did surgery to repair my knee.  I had a good experience with Dr. Jarvis and when he got through, my knee is good.  It feels better, definitely.  All of it went the way it was supposed to. 

After surgery I saw John and his crew for physical therapy.  Everything went well with therapy.  Everything Dr. Jarvis and the physical therapy team did for me was real good.

I’m eighty-six years old and I still enjoy golf.  I’m happy that I can keep doing what I enjoy."

                                               ~ Howard Whitlock, Powell, Wyoming


Howard Whitlock Dr Jarvis May 2015

                          Dr. William Jarvis                    Howard Whitlock

                       Pictured at the Northwest College Trapper Bonanza




Special thanks to Judith May for sharing this testimonial with us.  Judith recently saw Dr. Merrell and Jael Fisher for a procedure involving fluid extraction from her breast.

“I was expecting excruciating pain and for the procedure to take several minutes, but was I ever presently surprised.  I was so amazed at how fast it went and how it didn’t hurt.  I really appreciated that.  I’m not from this part of the country and I have great doctors here in Powell.

Dr. Merrell clearly explained to me what he was going to do and when he would be doing it.  The procedure was over before I hardly knew it had begun and it was virtually painless. 

I’ve also had experience with your lab.  I just love all of them.  People have trouble drawing my blood, but your staff is great and I would consider them experts.

Everyone that I experience at PVHC seems well educated, dedicated and very gracious.  I feel very fortunate to live in this area.  I love all my doctors in Powell.  You have excellent doctors and I have been very pleased with my care.”

                                                            ~ Judith May, Lovell, Wyoming


 Judith May April 2015 Web

         Jael Fisher                      Dr. Jacob Merrell                Judith May




We want to thank Kye Catlin for sharing this testimonial regarding his experience with us after a knee injury this past wrestling season. We are excited that we got to play a small part in this extraordinary young man's journey to becoming a 3-time state champion.  Best wishes, Kye, as you continue on in your wrestling career!

~ Kye pictured with Dr. Jarvis ~

 Kye Web 2April2015

“After I injured my knee at the Lander Invitational in late January, Dr. Jarvis did a lateral meniscus repair. The injury happened on Saturday, I had an MRI on Monday, and surgery on Thursday. Having it done right away was important for me to finish the wrestling season. Getting it done quickly was huge.  I had seen a doctor in Billings for a previous injury and was planning to go back to Billings, but Lisa Horton encouraged me to see Dr. Jarvis.

Dr. Jarvis took good care of me. He was straight forward and explained exactly what he was going to do. After the surgery I got in immediately with John in physical therapy.

Everyone took good care of me. My knee is getting better every day.”

                                                          ~ Kye Catlin


Kye Catlin won his third straight high school state wrestling championship this past season. He competed in Denver at Rocky Mountain National Duels on March 20 and at the 26th Annual NHSCA High School Nationals tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia March 27 & 28.

Special thanks to Heather Clarkson for taking the great photo!



By Chuck Forbes, Meeteetse, Wyoming

"I’ve survived Vietnam and a liver transplant. I’m very thankful and appreciative for the life I have.

Ruth and I are originally from New Hampshire and we’ve been connected since fourth grade.  We’ve lived in Meeteetse for the past 12 years.  As for the VA clinic and patient care in Powell, whatever you do here … it works. I feel bad for all the negative press the VA has gotten nationally, because I can call and get care quickly here in Powell.

Everywhere I go at Powell Valley Healthcare it’s, “Hi Chuck!”

And that started a long time ago. We’ve always gotten along great with everyone here and we are treated very well and our concerns are rapidly addressed.

“The little things mean a lot to someone who is chronically sick, which he had been for 40 years,” said Ruth. “Starting at the front desk and all the way through, it’s like talking to your mother or brother or sister. You’re remembered and when you don’t feel good they recognize that.”

When we see PVHC employees in the community, it’s so nice because we have a connection with them.

I’ve been in a lot of hospitals. I had my liver transplant in Denver.  The University of Colorado Hospital in Denver is a smoothly run hospital for a big facility.  The continuity of care here (PVHC) is similar to Denver, just much more personable. Dr. Tracy is a wonderful doctor and I appreciate that he took me on as a patient. We understand each other and I’m thankful for his care.  Other clinicians we have had occasion to consult with at PVHC have also worked very closely with my transplant team in Denver and have jointly made sound healthcare decisions on my behalf.  I am thankful I do not have to travel to Denver for all my transplant related issues.

Now the radiology staff, they know us very well. They are all so great.  They are happy to see us when we come in.  My reports and films are always where they need to be and on time. We appreciate that there isn’t a lot of turnover of staff.

They know us and we know them. We just love LuDeanne. She is so compassionate.  Jael is fantastic, and Tom is always so friendly. Jael and Tom have done a lot of my procedures.

We always get good care and the staff makes the hospital a warm place."

 Forbes Testimonial March 2015 Web

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We would like to share a special patient testimonial by Powell resident and avid photographer, Richard Brady. We sincerely appreciate Mr. Brady telling us about his experiences with PVHC. Pictured below is Mr. Brady with one of our great laboratory team members, Maddison Whitlock. Thank you, Maddison, and all of our lab staff, for the great care you provide to our patients!

“I had a TIA, or mini stroke, about three months ago and went to the ER at Powell Valley Hospital. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to visit hospitals much in my life until this recent event. I am a photographer and my primary interest is photographing race cars and so I travel a lot. With this TIA I was worried about missing the last racing events of the year between October and December because I need to have my blood checked regularly.

I continued following the races and went to hospitals in other places to have my blood checked, including Las Vegas and some in California. These were huge facilities. It wasn’t easy like in Powell. I was shuffled from one area to the next within each facility and I felt like I was getting the run-around. Here in Powell I can come in, quite early, and fifteen minutes later my blood is drawn and I’m out the door. You can’t do that in big facilities. Powell has got it all over those big city hospitals. It’s a win-win for everybody.

I think it’s so nice to have a hospital here in our community. My experience hasn’t been just a one-time deal here in Powell. I consistently get good service and I am very comfortable going to the hospital here in Powell.”

                                                    ~ Richard Brady, Powell, Wyoming

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By Andrea Townsley, Byron, Wyoming

"Hi, I’m Andrea Townsley.  Two years ago I was in a car accident and I badly injured the tendon in my knee.  I was hit by a semi-truck and my knee got pinched in the wreckage.  Following the accident I had three surgeries on my knee in Billings.  Over time my knee continued to give out and I kept falling.  The physician said there wasn’t any more he could do.  Last year I slipped and fell in my kitchen because of my knee and I injured the rotator cuff in my shoulder. 

After this incident I saw Dr. Jarvis.  He determined that I had cartilage damage in my shoulder.  He did my shoulder surgery first and I finished with physical therapy fast.  Next he did surgery on my knee and reconstructed it.  I couldn’t walk up steps before, and now I’m walking up steps again.  I’m working again.  I do bowling league and I’m bowling again, which is awesome, because I love to bowl.  My knee feels almost exactly like it did before my car accident.  I’ve been on and off crutches for the last two years and I’m so happy to not need them anymore.  Dr. Jarvis was great!  He cared, he listened to me and understood and assured me he could fix my shoulder and my knee.  I will not go to anyone else.  I’m 99% better and I enjoy working again and playing with my kids.  I feel so much better.  When my son, Eric, broke his arm, I took him right to Dr. Jarvis."

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“I want to give a big shout out to the PVHC team that took care of my daughter, Layla, during her late night appendectomy.  She received care in the ER, imaging, surgery and med/surg.  As always we had great care from beginning to end and I appreciate the special touch that the staff have with kiddos. Dr. Rieb came in to do the surgery, even though he wasn’t on call.  We are so thankful for that. He fully explained everything to us and made sure it was easy for us to understand.

Wendy and Joneen (in the ER) made the IV stick as painless as possible and were able to draw blood through the IV so Layla did not have to have an extra poke.  Joneen also made sure that we got a room with two beds so I could get a minute or two of sleep.  Jael (in imaging) was wonderful during the ultrasound and explained things to Layla and made jokes with her to take her mind off the ordeal.  Lindsay does an excellent job with pediatric patients in the operating room and really made all of us feel at ease.  She did this amazing thing of playing a game with Layla when the anesthetic was being administered.  It really helped Layla be comfortable and relaxed.  And Ryan (in anesthesia) involved us throughout the process which helped decrease the fear factor for both Layla, my husband and I.  All the staff involved in Layla’s care was so caring and good to her.  The care was top notch.”

                                             ~ Kaci Dilworth, Powell, Wyoming

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