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“This past year I was having a lot of pain with my right shoulder, to the point I couldn’t hardly stand it.  I saw Dr. Jarvis and he discovered that bone spurs were causing the pain and they needed to be removed.  I had surgery in March and I just want to say that Dr. Jarvis did a great job on my shoulder.  The pain in my shoulder was really bad and now that pain is gone.  I was thankful that the bone spurs had not yet damaged my rotator cuff.

Amber Kleiner, Nichole Gutierrez, and Adam Crawford did a great job of taking care of me before, during, and after my surgery.  Occupational Therapist, Bret Soloai, also did great helping me with therapy.  He got my shoulder moving again in just a couple weeks and I was good to go.

I’m happy to be back to my favorite hobby of playing guitar.  It was so nice that I didn’t have to go out of town for surgery.  I was in and out and back home.  I also appreciated my daughter and daughters in-law for cooking great meals for me after I had surgery.”                                        

                                                       Del Cannon, Powell, Wyoming


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Del pictured with Amber Kleiner and Nichole Gutierrez (top) and Dr. Jarvis (bottom)



"The first thing the Care Center did that I couldn’t do, is get Mom out of bed in the morning.  That was just amazing to me.  Staff encouraged Mom to participate in activities.  And even though she couldn’t remember that she had done something, Jan was really good about letting me know that she had participated.  Mom liked to do those things before she developed dementia. 

Someone always called when they had a question or concern.  Nothing ever went unnoticed.  Staff really payed attention to how Mom was doing.  She kept thinking that the people who were caring for her were people from her church back home.  She loved those people from church and that meant that she loved the people at the Care Center who were caring for her.  They were so patient when she called them by someone else’s name.  Overall, you can tell that the people care for the residents.  It is a hard job.  I’m very thankful that there are people who willingly and lovingly do the job. 

When she went to the dining room and didn’t want what they were serving, she could ask for something else and they would cater to her. The Care Center is always clean, bright and airy. 

The rose on her bed after Mom died got to me.  I so appreciated the respect, care and concern that was shown.  The little things the staff did meant so much.”

                                        Caroline Kost, Powell, Wyoming


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Caroline pictured with Powell Valley Care Center staff



“We started noticing problems with Mom’s memory when she was in her upper 70s.  She did fine for a while, but eventually it was just too much, and she and Rod moved to The Heartland.  They really liked it there, but with her dementia continuing to worsen; eventually they had to move to the dementia care unit at Powell Valley Care Center.  She later moved into a main wing in the care center.

Mom was always happy and had good things to say about her caregivers.  She always got great care and plenty of her favorite food, cookies.  When she was dying, I was amazed at what the staff did for all of us.  They always brought in refreshments for our family – fresh muffins, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.  They would ask if we needed anything.  Everyone was very caring.

I don’t think I can remember a single time that last week that someone wasn’t regularly checking on us    It was a great place to have her.  The care that Mom got was superb.  They always made sure she was comfortable.  Even the nurses and CNAs from the dementia care unit would stop in to check on Mom and all of us.  You could tell they really cared about Mom.

After Mom died, the staff beautifully prepared her for us to come and see her one last time.  The next day there was a rose on her bed.  They made a very tough time as easy as it could possibly be.  I don’t think they could have possibly helped more than they did.  More than anything, it was how they consistently did the little things, that meant so much.”

                                        Dr. Kelly Christensen, Powell, Wyoming


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Dr. Kelly Christensen pictured with Powell Valley Care Center staff




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