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Established in 1983, the Powell Medical Foundation's mission is "to assist the Powell Hospital District and community in providing quality healthcare services through the solicitation and administration of gifts and donations."

Powell Medical Foundation is a 501(c)3, community-owned, non-profit charitable organization governed by a board of directors made up of individuals drawn from the local community and health organizations. The foundation's funds are utilized for projects that improve healthcare but are not a part of the general operating budget of our health organization. Examples of funded projects include purchasing patient care equipment; enhancement of patient-related programs and services; providing scholarships to outstanding students pursuing degrees in healthcare; construction and upgrading of facilities; and building an endowment to ensure, in perpetuity, that healthcare in our community meets the highest standards of care and service.

We invite you to get to know us and learn how you can make a difference and how you can get involved in supporting Powell Valley Healthcare and local health needs.

Frequently asked questions

Is Powell Medical Foundation part of Powell Valley Healthcare?

Legally separate from the Powell Valley Healthcare (PVHC), the Powell Medical Foundation is a private, nonprofit corporation which is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. It is operated by a volunteer board of directors within the framework of an agreement between PVHC and the foundation. This separation guarantees donors that:

  • Designated gifts will be used solely for their intended purpose.
  • There is accountability for uses of unrestricted funds.
  • All records will remain as confidential as donors wish.
  • The foundation is free to make investment decisions regarding the funds it manages.

How are donations used?

Donations can be unrestricted or restricted. Unrestricted donations allow the foundation to direct the funds to where they are most needed. When it comes to unrestricted funds, the foundation board and staff work with institutional leaders to identify the highest priority needs.

Donors may also make gifts for specific interests—to purchase equipment, support a particular program or fund the endowment, for example. A gift is restricted when the donor writes a check, reply card or other correspondence indicating how the gift is to be used. The designation of a gift is confirmed on the receipt returned to the donor. Expenditures of these gift funds must be for purposes that meet the guidelines established for each account.

What projects has Powell Medical Foundation funded?

Since it was founded in 1983, Powell Medical Foundation has funded a variety of healthcare-related programs and projects. From hospital equipment to support for diabetes education, from a wheelchair washer at Powell Valley Care Center to LifeLine units distributed by volunteer services, and from support for hospice and home care to a capital campaign to build the Powell Valley Clinic, the foundation has lent its support in some way to these endeavors.

What are Powell Medical Foundation's current funding needs?

Current focuses include ongoing needs for equipment in the hospital and clinic, as well as continued work to build the endowment fund. The endowment fund will help to provide a permanent source of funding for the foundation. Long-range funding needs will be centered on the new master facility plan, which is being developed and will include refunctioning current space and adding new space to the PVHC campus.

Why should I give to Powell Medical Foundation?

A great hospital is the heart of a healthy community. The Powell Medical Foundation encourages your support to maintain the high standard of care and compassion that embodies PVHC. Through their gifts foundation donors help preserve our heritage, maintain standards of performance, and mold PVHC as a health organization responsive to patient needs.

How do I make a donation to Powell Medical Foundation?

Contact the Powell Medical Foundation at 307.754.7746, make a donation online, or fill out a donation form and mail it along with your gift to:

Powell Medical Foundation
777 Avenue H
Powell, WY 82435

How can I find out more about Powell Medical Foundation?

Contact the foundation's executive director, Diane DeLozier, at 307.754.7746.


The Powell Medical Foundation scholarship will be awarded to students who reside within the Powell Hospital District and are planning careers related to healthcare. Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded yearly.

Download the application.

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